Sleep and Activity Tracker to be linked with the Smart Cars

Life in today’s world is getting more tiresome than the retro days. Even though we had a very little support of computers and machines to help us in our day to day activities but we were more relaxed then.

It seems our whole idea of taking help from machines and relaxing has backfired. Now, not only we take care of ourselves and our families but also of those gadgets and machines we own. Machines have become more of a liability for many of us.

But, there are many devices that are trying to bridge the gap between humans and machines. In this way, it will be easy for us to understand our machines and take care of them in a better way. Eventually, it’s all about giving more time to fulfill our personal duties.

Gadgets and Health

In recent past if we analyse, our lifestyle has been deteriorating, maybe because we are getting too much dependent on gadgets. We have been spending less time on ourselves for being fit and healthy. We had almost forgotten that how important is it to exercise and have a proper sleep.

These days there are many gadgets that help you track your physical activity. They tell you how many walks you need, how much sleep you need, etc. Most importantly they warn you if you are not taking the right health measures.

Wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, etc have made tracking our health very easy. They track your walk, your sleep, your heartbeat, your sitting time, etc and gives you tips and suggestions to be healthy and fit.

Are you fit to drive?

For the growing market of the smart car and allied services, such fitness tracking devices can be a boon. They together with the sensors in them, keep the health statistics of the user to know whether he/she is in a position to drive the vehicle or not?

This is not just helpful in understanding driving behaviour but also ensures that an unfit driver is not allowed to drive the vehicle which would else be unsafe for not just people in the vehicle but also for the people on the road.

As per accidental data, most of the accidents are caused due to the negligence of the driver who is not deemed fit to drive being under the influence of alcohol or under stress and tension. In such cases, health tracking devices have a major role to play.

The use of advanced technology

The health tracking devices can be linked to the ignition of the car which allows an only fit person to drive the vehicle. In future this may be eliminated as when the driver holds the steering, it would read the body statistics. Car would only start when parameters like – temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc are found in order

Smart Car devices are still in its infancy but the vision of industry is very clear. Cars have to become the ultimate companion of yours just like your smartphones today. With such a strong relationship it will surely be the health companion too.

As of today, we have AirBags as the only life-saving gadget in the car. So, we need more such things as the cost of human life is much more than these devices. Health trackers are very important part of drivers life. Especially those truck drivers who go on driving for hours and cover great distances.

Let’s take our life seriously because when we are on the road, it’s just matter of seconds.

Ketan Raval

“My first interaction with technology made me believe that it’s magic.”