8 Fuel Efficiency Tips

When the world is running out of fuel, getting better fuel economy is just one way to cut driving emissions. Moreover, fuel prices have been hovering the record levels around the world. So, one can simply follow these 8 fuel efficiency tips if they wish to drive past the fuel pump more often than they need to stop there.

1. Keep the pressure ON

It makes a huge difference to your car’s fuel efficiency when you are driving with the optimal tyre pressure. The less the tyre pressure, the greater the friction between the tyre and the road. This ultimately results in higher fuel consumption.

The tyre should be inflated at the level which is recommended by the manufacturers.

2. Accelerate smoothly

Proper acceleration is the most important thing to take care of while driving. Driving with the constant speed (ideally around 50mph) results in the long term stability of your vehicle along with the the less consumption of fuel. So if you’re a patient driver, you’ll have lower fuel bills – it’s as simple as that.

Try avoiding the overtaking with the rapid acceleration.

3. Don’t push the accelerator down too far

Not only the rapid acceleration harms the vehicle and affect the fuel efficiency, but pushing down the acceleration should also be avoided in order to effectively run your vehicle.

4. Turn the air-conditioning off

Unnecessary use of Air conditioner is also advised to be avoided, for it uses quite a bit of fuel.

5. Don’t carry around unnecessary weight

The heavier the car, the greater will be its thirst.

So, carry as minimum weight in your car as possible.

6. Consolidate Trips

You should plan your trips wisely, for two short trips will inevitably consume more fuel than one that is slightly longer. This is because the car consumes extra fuel each time you crank the engine.

So, it is advised to combine as many trips as possible in order to keep fuel efficiency high.

7. Idling is devil’s workshop

An idling car burns fuel without really going anywhere. Idling is like  running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion. It can be seen quite frequently at a red light. It is wise to keep the engine off while the vehicle is not moving.

One can also look for a car with auto start-stop technology (only if they have the budget).

8. Keep it all shut

A car’s fuel efficiency has a lot to do with how it parts air on the move. In other words, aerodynamics.

Even opening the windows partly at high speeds can impact fuel efficiency. As a result, the tank drains out quicker due to increased drag.

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