Locate the OBDII port of your Fiat

Fiat Automobiles S.p.A, is an Italian subsidiary of FCA Italy S.p.A. It is a part of Fiat and Chrysler Automobiles, founded in 1899. It was found in 1997 in India with few models to run on roads. Team Karconnect visited one of its showrooms to help our audience locate the OBDII port in the cars.

KarConnect is a real-time diagnostic platform that allows the users to manage the ecosystem of their vehicle. Currently, KarConnect is aimed to provide the users the information about how to locate the OBDII port in their cars.

OBDII port in Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura has a fuel efficiency of 17.1kmpl, which is claimed to be the fastest cross sprinter on road. This hatchback car has 1.4 T-Jet Engine for a power-packed adventure trip.

The OBDII port of Fiat Avventura is located right below the steering wheel, under the dashboard. It can be found above the brake pads.

Locate the OBDII port of your Fiat

OBDII port in Fiat Punto

Fiat Punto consists of 1.3L MULTIJET 93PS capacity for a diesel model and 1.2L FIRE for a petrol model. Punto comes with an intelligent smart secure system to disable the engine in case of theft.

The OBDII port in Fiat Punto is located at the South-East of the steering wheel. It is in a case covering above the brake pads.

Locate the OBDII port of your Fiat

About KarConnect

KarConnect is a smart solution for your car. It is a real-time diagnostic platform that serves as a bridge between the drivers and their vehicles. A smart combination of hardware (KarConnect OBDII device) and software (KarConnect mobile app), gets you to know the condition of your car in real-time.

KarConnect not only helps you maintain your car but also helps to understand the driving behavior of your driver, hence, improvising the driving as well as fuel efficiency. It is the future of connected cars platform to drive the automotive world towards becoming a smarter industry.

The KarConnect app helps the users to maintain their important documents like License, PUC number, Service dates and much more. It serves the purpose of a digital wallet. With the service center aggregation, it also notifies the users to the nearby service center locations.

The fault code feature of the app enables the users to get notified about any defects that occur in their vehicle. It not only notifies but also details the information of the fault on the user’s smartphone app.

Adopting KarConnect for your car would be a smart choice to keep your vehicle and driving safe and smart. Drive smart and drive safe with the integration of KarConnect with your vehicle.

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