How KarConnect will revolutinize Motor Driving School experience

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. – Asirt org.

You are always in a worry while partner, spouse, child or a dear one is driving a vehicle. With the above witnessed ratio of roadside accidents, irresponsible driving and use of mobile phone are said to be the major cause. Avoiding the use of mobile phone should be educated into the users by self or the people that care. But responsible driving has to be taught in a better way. To avoid such mishaps, driving schools will have to implement a system to track the prompt progress of the students. Learning to drive is easy but the task of driving schools is to teach the students how to drive carefully.

If you own a driving school, there would be many such things that bother you.

KarConnect has come up with an IoT-based solution especially designed for driving schools. It would help you to manage your driving school more efficiently than ever before. KarConnect will help the driving schools automate communication, manage class and lesson scheduling, streamline billing, and maintain and analyze business records.

Progress report

This especially is beneficial for parents sending their children to learn to drive or the spouses sending their better halves. KarConnect for driving school management, enables to keep track of student both in-car lessons and classroom sessions. This will help the guardians to understand the progress of the person learning.

Reports and Analytics

KarConnect for driving school management, enables to keep accurate records for all student payments, refunds and credits. You can also analyze the driving skills using our real-time driver behaviour monitoring system through the KarConnect app. Information is organized conveniently in searchable and sortable manner.

We have introduced a Karconnect Device (OBDII Device) along with the software solution. This device will fetch the data like fuel level from the ECU and display on the app. This will help to understand and generate in-depth analytical report of how well the student has learnt driving.


Student and staff scheduling and resource management is probably one of the most difficult aspects of driving schools. Avoiding double booking for both student and staff is one of the consequences of scheduling on a paper. Moreover, there is a great inefficiency in printing schedules, keeping track of work hours and students and communicating with students and parents.

KarConnect solution with help you resolve all the above problems with below mentioned feature:

    • Progress Reports
    • Driving Behaviour Analysis
    • Engine Behaviour Analysis
    • Complete in-car scheduling
    • Class session scheduling
  • Automatic email reminders, notifications and alerts

Staff availability and working hours

A digital schedule will display all of the staff members’ available time slots. It will notify the management if the staff has a day off. Adding staff unavailability is as easy as adding another appointment for trainers.

Vehicle Management

You will get the complete report at the end of the week/month/quarter/year with the details of instructors, vehicles, learners and the shifts. The vehicles report would be stating the information like the harsh braking, idling, rapid acceleration and overspeeding. All this would be handy in simple graphical manner with conventional UI. This will enable the users to for efficient vehicle maintenance.

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