KarConnect launched a mobile app for safer rides

The government data shows that on an average, roughly 400 people are killed in road accidents everyday. This enormous loss of life leads into economic crisis which drastically impacts the GDP of our country. Road Accidents are caused by two basic factors – improper driving and low-maintenance of vehicle. These road accidents cost $5118 billion globally, costing individual countries from 4-6% of their annual GDP.

With an aim to provide better road safety, we introduced KarConnect, a real time vehicle diagnosis and driving behavior monitoring platform. KarConnect is an IoT solution for the automotive industry. This mobile app promises to be the cutting edge technology. KarConnect is the IoT solution that serves as a platform for Connected Cars.

“Works with any bluetooth based OBD Chips & you can order Karconnect Device as well.” as per Ketan Raval.  All you need to connect & you are ready to go. We were working the solution from last 12-14 months & now our platform is ready to serve customers.  During our beta release we have been internally testing our platform for driving behaviour improvement and we saw really good feedback from team.

Features to leverage from the free version of KarConnect App

  • Analyzing Driving Behaviour
  • Real-Time Trip Assistance
  • Self Diagnosis of vehicle
  • Vehicle Management System (in case you have more vehicles)
  • Keeping tab on Fuel Efficiency

KarConnect Pro Version

Along with the features of the free version on KarConnect mobile app, there are other major features that you can unleash with the pro version.

  • Your previous trip histories will be saved for you to later have a look upon.
  • Access to the vast directory of other car service center / accessory providers enabling the garages to get allied products.
  • Notification about nearby service stations.

KarConnect to foster various industries

KarConnect is aimed to help business that are constantly dealing with automotives. To name a few:

  • Service Centers & Garages
  • Logistics Companies
  • Fleet Management Companies
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Insurance Companies

KarConnect is an initiative to make your driving not only smart but safe. With features like self diagnosis and understanding driving behaviour,  ‘Safety first’ is the motive of this very ingenious product.

Get the KarConnect mobile app now to drive smart and drive safe.


Ketan Raval

“My first interaction with technology made me believe that it’s magic.”