Headstart Network Foundation Invites KarConnect

As the first rays of Sun woke me up last Saturday, the first thing caught up my mind was KarConnect presentation that I was to deliver. Our innovation KarConnect, was among the selected few chosen for Headstart Startup Saturday Event.

Startup Saturday is a platform from Headstart Network Foundation that encourages ideas and product demonstration from budding entrepreneurs. Many young and enthusiastic talent across India participated in this interactive workshop to share their ideas and innovations in Product Design.

Big Event Notable Speakers

The event was full of vibrant young speakers inspiring and captivating the young audience. Many prominent speakers threw light on product designing and insights. A few others spoke about idea implementation, long term planning & strategy, product marketing and survival in competitive business environment.

As many as 500 students and faculty members participated in the event. A session on product design presented by Mr.Abhishek Jain received a big round of applause from the audience. Other notable speakers who enthralled audience were Mr.Vinai Kumar and Mr.Pritesh Bhatia. Soon after the lunch break, we got an opportunity to present feature rich KarConnect device.

Loud Cheers for KarConnect

I was all geared up for presenting the features and cutting edge technology offered by the KarConnect device. I walked on to the stage with all the thrill and excitement and addressed the gathering with warm smile and eye contact.

Soon after I settled and breezed with the flow, I focused upon creating product awareness and generating audience interest by sharing experiences and anecdotes. I started the pitch by comparing human babies as a simile for  cars. I use this idea to urge people to look after their vehicle with as much care as they do for their kids.

In the subsequent points I spoke about importance and convenience offered by cars in addressing one’s comfort needs. In the presentation I also covered statistics on road accidents and how our innovation will assist drivers in better driving.

I tried to make the presentation as interactive as possible by pitching a questions in between. It was great to witness such attentive audience who managed to answer many. Members in the panel, speakers and all the students were very enthusiastic about the product and many were even keen to buy some. At the end I was quite contented to receive a warm and enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

Finally the eventful day concluded with thank you note from the organizers followed by high tea and social networking.

KarConnect is a device that integrates with OBD2 port of your four wheeler for driving assistance and predictive analysis. For further details check our FAQ section. For bookings and enquiry send us an email to info@karconnect.com Now!