Driving Rules You Must Follow in Metro Cities

The topmost metropolitan cities of India have witnessed a substantial increase in the vehicles and thereby traffic congestion. It is a common sight to see long traffic jams, reckless driving, red light jumping and what not. It becomes even more essential to follow the driving rules in the metropolitans in order to keep the smooth traffic movement.

The basic understanding of the driving rules and then their implementation are the major steps towards this. For better traffic management, driving rules should be followed as per the city we are driving in so as to keep the chaos to the minimum and be a better citizen. The driving rules should be respected and followed by every citizen of India as collective effort can bring huge results.

 Let us see and understand the most important driving rules in topmost metropolitan cities of India and bring the change –

 1. New Delhi

New Delhi is bustling with traffic being the capital city of India. The city is worth exploring so follow these important driving rules to make the most of the city –

Rule no 1: Necessary documents required

As mentioned in the rule book of Transport Dept., Govt. Of NCT of Delhi, a driver of public as well as private carrier needs to carry his driving license, vehicle registration certificate, valid vehicle insurance certificate, permit and vehicle’s certificate of fitness and Valid Pollution under control certificate.

Rule no 2: When taking a U-Turn

You must signal by your hand at least 30 meters before the turn that you are about to take.

Rule no 3: Parking is prohibited in certain places

In the national capital, Parking is prohibited on main roads, near bus stops, the entrance of schools and hospitals, near fire hydrants and other places where prohibition’s sign is mentioned.

 2. Bengaluru

The commercial IT hub of India, Bengaluru is also known as the Garden city of India. When it comes to driving, you must abide by these important traffic rules in Bengaluru –

Rule no 1: Overtaking should not be obstructed

The driver who is being overtaken by another should not increase the speed of his vehicle or engage in any activity that may obstruct the overtaker from overtaking.

Rule no 2: Keep your vehicle on the left

While driving, the generally accepted norm is to drive on left on a two-way road. This is done so that when traffic from opposite side arrives, drivers on both the sides know which side they must take. This rule is especially helpful in small lanes or intersections.

Rule no 3: On one-way roads

A driver must not drive in the direction which is not allowed on that road. Also reversing the vehicle is prohibited on that road.

3. Pune

Pune is an important city of Maharashtra and home to several IT companies. The driving in the city can become chaotic unless you follow certain driving rules –

Rule no 1: Carry important documents

Like other metros, it is punishable in Pune to drive without a license or Registration certificate. You will have to pay a fine of Rs 300 for not carrying RC and Driving License, while the fine will be Rs 1000 if you drive without fitness certificate.

Rule no 2: Specific rules for public transport carriers

An auto driver cannot say no to the customer for any destination he/she wants to go. Also, it is necessary for the driver to wear his badge at all times.

Rule no 3: Using pressure and musical horn is prohibited

Use of loud, musical horns is punishable in Pune with a fine of Rs 500 for all class of vehicles.

 4. Ahmedabad

The largest city in Gujarat and the largest island business center of India, when driving in Ahmedabad you must swear by these driving rules –

Rule no 1: Overloading of cargo carriers

Overloading of trucks, tempos and another transport vehicle is punishable for Rs 2000 and for Rs 1000 per extra ton.

Rule no 2: Driving under influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Like all other cities, Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a punishable offense.

Rule no 3: Charging excess fare

This generally happens in the case of auto rickshaw drivers that they charge hefty. It can cost the drivers a challan of Rs 100 for the first time and Rs 300 for the subsequent attempt.

5. Kolkata

The capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata is one of the top populated cities in India. You must always follow these driving rules while in Kolkata –

Rule no 1: Use Seat Belt while Driving

While driving, the drivers must always wear their seat belts. This marks them safe during accidents.

Rule no 2: Indicate before turning

As mentioned under Motor Vehicles Act, drivers must use an indicator indicating the respective side that they are going to turn towards, before turning. Avoidance of the rule is a punishable offense.

Rule no 3: Waste should not be thrown on Roads especially when you are driving.

6. Chennai

The fourth largest metropolitan in India, Chennai is known for its heavy traffic. However, these rules can help you sail through –

Rule no 1: Violation of Road signs

Drivers must always follow road signs on driving speed, overtaking, etc. Violation of road signs can cost them hefty fines as mentioned under Motor Vehicles Act.

Rule no 2: Motorcyclists must wear helmets

Always wear the helmet while driving a two-wheeler. The Chennai Police is strict with this rule as avoiding it can claim your life. In a latest row, traffic police at Chennai had sent offenders to the court.

Rule no 3: Driving by a minor

A minor cannot drive on Chennai roads, like in other metro cities. Offenders are made to pay a fine of Rs 500.

7. Mumbai

The city of dreams and the financial capital of India, Mumbai is known for its long traffic jams. However, these rules can be followed to make sure you drive right when in the city –

Rule no. 1: Indicate while Changing Lanes

While changing lanes or position of your vehicle while driving, it is imperative to use side and back indicators. This will alert the vehicle behind you and there will be no room for confusion.

Rule no. 2: Do Not Drink and Drive, Never!

Do not drink and drive. The Mumbai Police takes strict actions against the offenders and they are strict about such activities that can put the life of other people in danger.

Rule no. 3: No Mobile Phones While Driving

Mobile phones are strictly not allowed while driving. This is applicable even if you are using your phone in the hands-free mode. This practice is not encouraged while you are driving, be it two wheelers, four wheelers or others.

We hope the list of important driving rules in the metropolitans of India will prove helpful to you when you are driving in that particular city.

Awareness of driving rules can go a long way in promoting healthy driving practices and bringing down the stats of accidents or other unfortunate events in India.

Ketan Raval

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