Driving Assistance With KarConnect To Support Institutions And Schools

School management is often concerned about the safety and upkeep of a school bus that transports hundreds of students on a daily basis. Admin department usually coordinates with the transport service providers who shoulders the responsibility of appointment of safe and cooperative drivers.

Bus drivers stay alerted while driving on the highways and take utmost care while driving over rough and muddy terrains to ensure all its passengers a smooth and comfortable journey.

Why need driving assistance?

No matter how much care and precaution a bus driver takes, there are certain important factors that need attention:

  • How does a driver (sometimes the substitute driver) know if the bus is in the right condition and suitable enough to drive? i.e. engines are in order, brakes are working etc.
  • How does the vehicle service provider know about the health of every vehicle?
  • How do the vehicle service provider or the parents keep track of the vehicle movement and the route taken by the driver?
  • During vehicle breakdown, how could driver remotely diagnose the problem from the expert mechanic located far away?

Interfacing With KarConnect


KarConnect is a special device that could be connected in any four wheeler manufactured after the year 1996, to interpret the health and condition of the engine and the overall automobile system.

It is loaded with several features that assist all the parties responsible for managing the school bus. It analyses driving behaviour, studies car health, assists in remote vehicle diagnosis, performs predictive analysis, provides trip assistance and archives history and also sends outsmart alerts and notifications to the school management and the parents.

KC has a self diagnostic system that smartly detects and troubleshoots minor problems in the automobile, and uses GPS tracker to get contact info of the nearest automobile service technician for resolving major problems and breakdowns. Its remote access data functionality enables the automobile engineer to remotely assist the driver in fixing the vehicle disfunction.

How KarConnect works?


KC device is plugged and installed on OBD-II port of the automobile vehicle. OBD or the On-board diagnostic is an automotive term meant to refer to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Device also gives the vehicle owner or the  technician access to functioning status of several vehicular subsystems.

KC  app could be easily downloaded and installed on smartphones and personal computers in order to extract real time automobile and drive information. Installation is succeeded by pairing the device using bluetooth technology.

Once connected, app starts receiving data from the KC device that monitors and measures the health and performance of the car. Data fetched is then encrypted and saved to the cloud for further analysis. Cloud data could be used by the engineers to guide drivers and resolve problems.

In the nutshell

On the whole, KarConnect is a very compact affordable device whose benefits and functions simply outweighs its incurrence cost. Regular alerts and notifications helps the school management and the parents to keep track of the automobile or the bus and thus helps them infer students whereabouts.

For the transport service provider, it gives a complete drive analysis report and vehicle health report to take decisions and suggest drive corrective action.

Ketan Raval

“My first interaction with technology made me believe that it’s magic.”