Chandigarh Police to track PCRs through an Application

To keep up with the latest technology, Police officials of Chandigarh will now be keeping a  tab on real-time location of PCRs(Police Control Room) vehicles through their mobile devices. KarConnect appreciates the government’s initiative to step up this smart move to keep the city under vigilance. The Police department’s PCR vehicles will be 24 hours under observation with the help of Hi-tech Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System (AVLTS) mobile application in the upcoming days.

AVLTS mobile application and its functions

The AVLTS mobile application will atleast be installed in nearly 27 Motorcycles and 60 Police Room Vehicles.  The Police Control Room Vehicles are being asked to use the app thoroughly. The web-enabled application “Vahan” has been developed by Road Transport Ministry which will get you more details about the PCR Vehicles. KarConnect is not much different than Vahan. Helping people to remotely track their vehicle, KarConnect understands and hence appreciates this initiative of government of tracking PCRs with the help of a simple application like Vahan.

“The app is very useful. The cops in the PCRs have been guided to use the app and get the verification of any vehicle in a smarter and easier way”.

SSP Chandigarh Police, Sukhchain Singh Gill

Apart from Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System mobile applications, a video wall will be integrated along with PCR (Police Control Rooms) vehicles to show real time movements of vehicles in the city. Inspector communication – Pawanesh, takes over the responsibility of implementing the AVLTS application in all Police Control Room Vehicles of all the departments.

The sole purpose of installing Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System (AVLTS) is to allow police officers to have access to whereabouts of Police Control Room(PCRs) Vehicle at the time of an incident when an emergency call is made. Each PCR vehicle is being guided to check  at least 5 vehicles per day. The application also helps them to check any vehicle which is under suspicion.  Tracking of vehicles via its registration number will become an easier task for  the cops. If the registration number does not match with the vehicle, the IO of the local area will be called immediately by the PCR team and the concerned official will take further action if required, added the SSP.

How KarConnect can be helpful?

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Ketan Raval

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